Summer and Program Meetings

Summer Meeting and Program meetings have both been an integral and interesting part of the larger events that the Orbis Cascade Alliance has sponsored. Both meeting formats are open and free for all Alliance member staff to attend and participate in. Meetings have been held both in-person and virtually.

The Summer Meeting is held every two years. It has traditionally offered broader informational topics with presenters from within the Alliance member staff as well as guest speakers. The content is directed by a Program Group with input from Alliance Member staff.

The Program meetings are held in the alternate years between Summer Meetings. Predominately, the attendance and content of these meeting are Team and Program oriented. The content has been created and presented by Alliance members and central staff with input from all members through the Teams and Groups structure.

Speaker Series

Homosaurus Training

Anti-Racism Trainings

Summer Meetings

Summer Meeting 2023 – July 18 – 20, 2023 – Held Virtually

Program Meetings

Diversity & User Experience

Open Strategies & Digital Content

Resource Sharing & Fulfillment

Shared Content & Technical Services