Summit & Fulfillment Day 2017

Summit & Fulfillment Day 2017 took place on August 4th at Clark College in Vancouver, WA.

Summit & Fulfillment Day 2017 Schedule (PDF)


Opening Session


  • Sarah Stevenson, George Fox University
  • Ray Henry, Alliance

Slides: Opening Session: Welcome and RSF Team Goals (PPTX)

Alma Calendar Management

Presenters: Eric Clark, University of Oregon

Slides: Alma Calendar Management (PPTX)

Entry-Level Analytics

Presenter: Jesse Thomas, Western Washington University

Slides: Entry-level Analytics (PPTX)

Mid-level Analytics

Lost/Missing Items Workflow

Presenter: Kevin Edwards, Portland Community College


Loans Over the Last Three Days

Presenter: Bill Kelm, Willamette University

Slides: Loans Over the Last Three Days (PPTX)

Resource Sharing Queue Maintenance


  • Sagan Lindsay Wallace, Concordia University
  • Kate Ball Jones, University of Oregon

Slides: Resource Sharing Queue Maintenance (PPTX)

Small Group Discussion

Facilitators: RSF Team and Summit SG members

Slides: Small Group Discussion (PPTX)

Alma Letters & Notices

Presenter: Lori Hilterbrand, Oregon State University

Slides: Alma Letters & Notices (PPTX)

Alma New User Interface

Presenter: Jennie Rossie, University of Washington

Slides: Alma New User Interface (PPTX)

Summit Best Practices


  • Microformats
    • Sue Shipman, Washington State University
    • Stefanie Gorzelsky, St. Martin’s University
  • Summit Visiting Patrons
    • Erin Bledsoe, Central Washington University
  • Summit Physical Processing
    • Jada Pelger, University of Puget Sound

Slides: Summit Best Practices (PPTX)

Courier Updates


  • Jen Jacobs, Lewis & Clark College
  • Molly Gunderson, Portland State University

Slides: Courier Updates (PPTX)