Courier Service

The Alliance maintains a physical delivery network for exchanging library materials across nearly 200 libraries in three states.

The Alliance works directly with dropsites and the courier vendor to provide service across this area. If you’re considering joining the courier service, see “Is the courier service right for you?

The courier service is advised by the Resource Sharing & Fulfillment Team. For more information, contact Elizabeth Duell at

Procedures, Documentation, Contacts, and Forms




  • Holidays – Courier
  • Non-Barcoded Labels – (Updated – April 2022) This link will take you to a Google Drive folder containing an Excel spreadsheet for each dropsite and its participating libraries. Please Note: these labels are only for participating libraries to get materials to their servicing dropsite, they are not valid for shipping with our courier.
  • Pickup/Delivery Schedule (Google Sheet)
  • Transit Reports