DUX/SYS Joint Virtual Meeting 2020

The Alliance’s Discovery and User Experience (DUX) and Systems (SYS) programs teamed up for this joint educational program July 28-31, 2020 with the theme “Coming Together, Apart.”

DUX/Systems Joint Events July 2020 Agenda (PDF)


July 28: Alliance Day

July 28 Full Recording (Video)

Alliance Update

Presenter: Kim Armstrong, Orbis Cascade Alliance

Recording: Alliance Update (Video)

Discovery & User Experience Update

Presenter: Hilary Robbeloth, University of Puget Sound

Slides: DUX Team Update (PPTX)

Recording: DUX Team Update (Video)

Systems Update


  • Doug Eriksen, Seattle University
  • Bill Kelm, Willamette University


Recording: Systems Update (Video)

Brief Update on Alma New Release Alliance Initiative

Presenter: Radmila (Radka) Ballada, Clark College

Slides: Alma New Release Update (PPTX)

Recording: Alma New Release Update (Video)

Primo Customization Standing Group Update


  • Jereimah Kellogg, Eastern Oregon University
  • Tamara Marnell, Central Oregon Community College

Slides: PCSG Update (PPTX)

Recording: PCSG Update (Video)

Central Analytics Standing Group Update

Presenter: LaVonna Sydow, Reed College

Slides: CASG Update (PPTX)

Recording: CASG Update (Video)

DUX Accessibility Standing Group Update

Presenter: Emily Pearson, Whitman College

Recording: DUX Accessibility Update (Video)

July 29: Accessibility

July 29 Full Recording (Video)

Improving Accessibility of Library Resources During a Pandemic


  • Andy Andrews, University of Washington
  • Hana Levay, University of Washington
  • Andrew Weaver, University of Washington

Slides: Improving Accessibility of Library Resources During a Pandemic (PPTX)

Recording: Improving Accessibility (Video)

Description: During the Stay Home, Stay Safe order academic libraries throughout Washington found that some staff jobs, including student employees, did not easily lend themselves to teleworking. The UW Libraries quickly responded by looking for projects that could be completed remotely for affected staff. We had multiple accessibility projects underway but moving slowly due to staffing and budgetary constraints; we saw the sudden availability of staff and student employees as an opportunity to tackle some of these accessibility projects. We will present on three projects that we were able to make great progress on during a global pandemic. We developed workflows for efficiently testing our databases for accessibility, PDF remediation of files on our websites and collections repositories, and created quality closed captions for the libraries’ media collections.

Digital Accessibility in Libraries: Collaborative Discussion

Presenter: Radmila (Radka) Ballada, Clark College

Slides: Digital Accessibility in Libraries: Collaborative Discussion (PPTX)

Recording: Digital Accessibility Discussion (Video)

Description: Working in small group discussions and reporting the highlights of what was learned and ideas on the following topics:

  • Accessibility and usability testing at their institutions – share best practices, lessons learned, challenges, needs and questions
  • Brainstorming on ways we could collaborate on accessibility testing and/or improving our knowledge of accessibility compliance issues
  • Accessibility compliance and electronic resources subscriptions – best practices negotiating with vendors, learning from other consortia
  • Implementing accessibility fixes on our websites and other library online interfaces

DUX Accessibility Toolkit Update and Discussion


  • Andy Andrews, University of Washington
  • Gloria Doherty, George Fox University
  • Emily Pearson, Whitman College
  • Sydney Thompson, Central Washington University

Slides: DUX Accessibility Toolkit Update and Discussion (PPTX)

Recording: DUX Accessibility Toolkit (Video)

Description: The DUX Accessibility Standing Group has been working throughout the spring to create an accessibility toolkit to help Alliance members learn about and plan for making their digital spaces accessible. We will present our prototype for feedback, and lead a discussion to hear from members as to their needs regarding digital accessibility and what would be the most useful to be included in the toolkit. This will help us revise our toolkit as well as identify other work being done within the alliance to address accessibility needs.

July 30: Analytics

July 30 Full Recording (Video)

Lightning Talks

Recording: Lightning Talks (Video)

Using Analytics to Help in the Summit Shuffle

Presenter: LaVonna Sydow, Reed College

Slides: Using Analytics to Help in the Summit Shuffle (PPTX)

Description: Are you worried about Summit items getting lost in the shuffle when we all turn the service back on? Come see how to use Analytics to track down books that may have been shelved at the borrowing library, weren’t scanned in, or are lost in transit.

Who Else Has These Books?

Presenter: LaVonna Sydow, Reed College

Slides: SRU (Search/Retrieve via URL) & You (PPTX)

Description: Did you know there is a protocol called SRU that can be used to look at the holdings of other Alliance institutions? You can try it out with your browser without any addons or programming know-how. Come learn what SRU can do for you.

Demonstrating Library Value: A Practical Application of Citation Analysis


  • Laura Baird, Pacific University
  • Lynda Irons, Pacific University

Slides: Demonstrating Library Value (PPTX)

Description: To measure the Libraries’ impact on Pacific University researchers, we analyzed citations from their publications. By using the cited references of Pacific-published works from Web of Science, our discovery layer (Primo), browser automation, and scripting, we found that 78.0 percent of Pacific-cited works are available through the Libraries. Free or open source content accounted for 17.3 percent of availability, and 60.7 percent were provided by paid library subscriptions. Our analysis included top journals and databases used as well as the number of unique content in each database or aggregator. We will share our analysis techniques, findings, and practical applications.

Primo Facets Dashboard

Presenter: Bill Kelm, Willamette University

Slides: Primo Facets Dashboard (PDF)

Description: In a summary of the presentation done by ExLibris we will show folks how to quickly create a dashboard in Primo looking at Primo facet usage.

Report Widgets: How Technical Services Staff Can Utilize Analytics for Common Cross-Departmental Questions

Presenter: Caroline Reul, Reed College

Slides: Report Widgets (PPTX)

Recording: Report Widgets (Video)

Description: A subject librarian asks the acquisitions specialist about the status of their book orders. A reserves specialist wonders whether their reserves books have been ordered or received yet. A circulation specialist would like to know when a hold-and-notify book has also been requested by another user. Each of these scenarios requires regular, brief conversations between people from different departments. It would make work easier for both sides, especially when many of us are no longer working at the same location, if there were a report that offered the answer as soon as they logged on to Alma. Technical services staff can design reports that answer these and other similar questions in Analytics and then create an Alma widget using that report. This talk will describe the process of conceptualizing an answerable database question, designing a report that answers that question, and the process for creating a report widget as the deliverable.

Getting Started with Alma API

Presenter: Kyle Banerjee, Oregon Health & Science University

Slides: Getting Started with Alma API (PPTX)

Recording: Getting Started with Alma API (Video)

Description: Need to automate tasks in Alma but are not sure where to start? This session will help you understand how APIs are relevant to real work you’re doing, familiarize you with concepts that help you work with any API, and help you understand what you need to know specifically to work with the Alma API. Prior systems or programming experience is not needed, but helpful.

July 31: Adapting

July 31 Full Recording (Video)

Usability Testing Online: Before and After COVID-19

Presenter: Radmila (Radka) Ballada, Clark College

Slides: Usability Testing Online (PPTX)

Recording: Usability Testing Online (Video)

Description: Key Lessons Learned from Conducting Usability Testing of library online resources fully online, first as a college-wide experiment in the summer 2018 during New Primo UI implementation, and later during Spring 2020 remote learning in the context of UX Testing Collaboration with CTEC 117 instructor and his students at Clark College.

Coming Together, Better than Ever


  • Janet Hauck, Seattle Pacific University
  • Natalee Vick, Seattle Pacific University

Slides: Coming Together, Better than Ever (PPTX)

Recording: Coming Together, Better than Ever (Video)

Description: This facilitated roundtable discussion will invite participants to share practical strategies they have employed for coming together at their own institutions, in order to provide excellent remote reference and instruction. It will address the Alliance Strategic Theme to Strengthen Member Institutions by sharing strategies for remote internal collaboration, and the Theme to Equip Students for Success by learning about strategies for external delivery of remote services.

Learning outcomes for roundtable participants include:

  1. share successful strategies
  2. learn about new strategies, and
  3. implement new strategies.

As we move into an exciting yet uncertain summer and fall at our institutions, these outcomes will allow Alliance members’ reference and instruction services to become better than ever!

Hands-On Engagement in a Hands-Off World

Presenter: Robert Perret, University of Idaho

Slides: Hands-On Engagement in a Hands-Off World (PPTX)

Recording: Hands-On Engagement in a Hands-Off World (Video)

Description: Dynamic libraries have developed a repertoire of tabling events, games, quizzes, and activities to reach out to patrons and engage reluctant users. Whether they are making a button, drawing on a whiteboard, or searching for a lost treasure in the stacks, getting hands-on gets patrons in the library. So much for all that for now. This session will explore virtual tools for engaging your patrons in a fun and welcoming way while teaching them something about your library. Quick games, shared virtual displays, and online making are all new possibilities as we move forward. Attendees will learn about tools they can use today, strategies for marketing to distant audiences, and opportunities for making connections that don’t rely on sharing the same space. Alliance libraries will be facing new challenges in the upcoming year, and positive, creative approaches can be invaluable in maintaining a continuity of services to our communities.

Program Committee

  • Bill Kelm, Willamette University
  • Hui Zhang, Oregon State University
  • Hilary Robbeloth, University of Puget Sound
  • Jeremiah Kellogg, Eastern Oregon University
  • Laura Baird, Pacific University
  • Marianne Bracke, Whitworth University
  • Maija Anderson, Orbis Cascade Alliance
  • Bryan Vogh, Orbis Cascade Alliance