Summit & Fulfillment Day 2018

Summit & Fulfillment Day 2018 took place on August 3 at Clark College in Vancouver, WA.

Summit & Fulfillment Day 2018 Schedule (PDF)


Opening Session


  • Jen Jacobs, Lewis & Clark College
  • Ray Henry, Orbis Cascade Alliance

Slides: Opening session: Welcome and RSF Team goals (PPTX)

Copyright in the Alliance


  • Linda Frederiksen, Washington State University
  • Adebola Fabiku, University of Washington
  • Johanna Meetz, Pacific University

Slides: Copyright in the Alliance (PPTX)

Analytics Dashboards


  • Kevin Edwards, Portland Community College
  • Jennie Rossie, University of Washington
  • Doris Munson, Eastern Washington University

Slides: Analytics dashboards (PPTX)

Lightning Rounds

Terms of Use, Item Policies, and Fulfillment Units

Presenter: Jennie Rossie, University of Washington

Slides: Terms of use, item polices, and Fulfillment Units (PPTX)

Locations: Creating and Configuring

Presenter: Erin Bledsoe, Eastern Washington University

Slides: Locations – creating and configuring (PPTX)

General Messages and Notes in Summit

Presenter: Jada Pelger, University of Puget Sound

Slides: General Messages and notes in Summit (PPTX)

Courier Update

Presenter: Ray Henry, Orbis Cascade Alliance

Slides: Courier update (PPTX)

Shared Resources Joint Project Group: Community Needs Assessment

Presenter: Kate Jones, Southern Oregon University

Slides: Shared Resources Joint Project Group: Community needs assessment (PPTX)

Libraries of Things

Board Games

Presenter: Rima Reves, Oregon State University

Slides: Board games (PPTX)

Small Equipment

Presenter: Rebecca Coulterpark, Oregon State University

Slides: Small equipment (PPTX)

L&C Sketchbook Archive

Presenter: Jen Jacobs, Lewis & Clark College (for David Shratter)

Slides: L&C Sketchbook Archive (PPTX)

Training and Supervising Student Employees

Student Employee Training: A Relational and Engaging Approach

Presenter: Patty Vanier, George Fox University

Slides: Student employee training – a relational and engaging approach (PPTX)

Learning How Students Want to Learn: Developing Effective Training for Access Services Student Assistants

Presenter: Raven Keppinger, Southern Oregon University

Slides: Learning how students want to learn – developing effective training for Access Services student assistants (PPTX)

Tipasa Migration


  • Stefanie Gorzelsky, St. Martin’s University
  • Sagan Wallace, Concordia University

Slides: Tipasa migration (PPTX)

What Data? Balancing Patron Privacy and Staff Need in Alma

Presenter: Lori Hilterbrand, Oregon State University

Slides: What data? Balancing patron privacy and staff need in Alma (PPTX)