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FAQ: Non-serial E-Resources – CZ vs. NZ

Background This document provides answers to commonly asked questions about non-serial electronic resources and attempts to help members think through the local conditions that influence decisions on which zone or combination of zones to use for managing nonserial electronic resources. Related Document: Non-serial E-Resources in Alma: Best Practices for Local Collections FAQ created by SCTS […]

Documentation is primarily text based, but it can incorporate screen captures and other images.
Training includes video, audio, recorded sessions, and other resources that demonstrate a principle or process.

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Below are external training opportunities and resources that may be of interest to Alliance members.

Ex Libris Knowledge Center

  • One stop shopping for documentation, training, articles, and links to other Ex Libris pages (such as Salesforce)
  • Alma Training
  • Primo Training


OCLC’s Web Junction offers courses, webinars, and other training resources.