User Experience Standing Group (UXSG)

The User Experience Standing Group (UXSG) advocates for digital and physical user experience of libraries by incorporating user research, service design, and assessment. Areas of focus include development and application of platforms, tools, and other resources, along with services and spaces.

Race and Racism

Terms in this section focus on concepts related to race and racism. Some of these terms may also serve in broader capacities. Alliance members who would like to share feedback are encouraged to use the anonymous feedback form. Terms Black, Indigenous, and People of Color: BIPOC Cultural Appropriation Decolonization Ethnicity Institutional Racism Internalized Racism Interpersonal […]

Foundational Concepts

Foundational concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion include words and phrases that apply broadly across many categories. These terms may also be used in addition to more specific terms, such as discrimination being combined with age, race, gender, or other groups. Foundational concepts often serve in introductory capacities. Alliance members who would like to share […]