Is the courier service right for you?

Service Model

The Alliance contracts on behalf of the dropsite libraries. Our current courier vendor, Expak, is responsible for hiring drivers and ensuring materials are delivered at the days/times requested.

Pricing Model

The Alliance pays by the dropsite and number of days of service. Fuel costs are also a factor and are reviewed annually. Under the terms of the current contract, annual courier fees are determined based on the annual percentage change in the Bureau of Labor Statistics Producer Price Index for Messengers & Couriers as reported at the end of January for each subsequent pricing period.

Evaluating Your Existing Service

Factors to consider include:

  • The number of resource sharing items you send and receive annually
  • The cost of shipping and packing those items
  • How quickly those items can get to your patrons

One example:

A public library is trying to decide whether or not to join a courier service. A courier service membership is quoted to them at $7,800 for pickup/delivery 5 days per week. (Note: this is an example price to demonstrate the math – interested libraries should contact the Alliance for current pricing information.) The library sends an average of 2500 ILL packages annually to libraries that are already served by the courier.

  • USPS media mail likely averages approximately $5.00 per item.
  • Annual cost is 2500 items at $5 each – $12,500.
  • Savings: $4,700 annually


If you have questions, or would like more information (including current pricing), please contact the Program Support & Events Manager, Elizabeth Duell, at