ArchivesSpace Training


The Archives & Manuscripts (A&M) Collections Service offers participating institutions training in implementing, migrating to, and using ArchivesSpace. Training is available for A&M participants only.

The training offers an interactive overview of all that you need to know. The training is a combination of recorded webinars to watch anytime and live one-hour web-based workshops. By the end of the series, you’ll be ready to use ArchivesSpace in the way that best suits your institution. Participants will have homework assignments to complete between each workshop that require approximately one to two hours to complete.

Instructions for Participants

  • Webinar attendance requires a wired Internet connection and either a computer with speakers and microphone on a headset or a telephone headset.
  • Attendees must be able to engage in two-way communication with the instructor and other participants; the training is not a broadcast.
  • Each attendee should participate from their own computer, as having multiple people on a computer or phone creates unbearable sound problems for the other participants.

The webinars are hosted by GoToWebinar, a service to which the Alliance subscribes. The first time you join a webinar, the service will install a small piece of software on your computer, so plan to join about ten minutes early to finish this process well ahead of time.

Ground Rules

Participants are asked to abide by the following ground rules:

  • Participate actively. You’ll get more out of the session!
  • If you haven’t attended an event hosted by GoToWebinar before, you may want to view their video on using GTW. It will help you be familiar with the various functions. 
  • We will mute your phone during the presentations and open the lines during the QA sessions. You can submit questions via chat (use the CHAT feature, not the QUESTION feature) any time. I will be ready to receive your questions.
  • If you are experiencing technical problems or want to raise a concern about the webinar, please use the chat feature to contact the instructor(s).
  • To stimulate discussion, we may call on people at random.
  • Please complete the homework assignments between sessions. They are not time consuming and will help you get more out of this experience.
  • Please focus on the webinar; don’t check email or do other work.

Supporting Materials

ArchivesSpace Documentation

Workshop Descriptions and Instructions