ArchivesSpace Workshop: Resource Records and Linking

You’ve learned how to form standards-compliant accession records and support records (agents, subjects). Now we move to the next level of complexity: Forming standards-compliant resource records.

Recording of Resource Records and Linking, November 2018 (Video)


  • Steven Duckworth
  • Zachariah Selley


Before attending the workshop, please do the following:

Preparatory Assignment

In the Pine State University instance of AS, create a single-level resource record for the Arminda Bates Papers.
Please use the login and password that you received for the Accessions, Agents, & Subjects workshop.

Please use the following guidelines for use:

  • Please use the PSU instance only for your workshop assignments. Experimentation introduces elements that may confuse you or your fellow attendees.
  • You will see two repositories in the PSU instance:
    • CP Archives (College of the Pines Archives)
    • PSU Archives (Pine State University Archives
    • Please work only in the PSU Archives instance. You do not have the necessary access to the CP instance to complete your assignments.
  • When you create the resource record, you will need to ensure that the identifier is unique. Add your AS username to the identifier, like this:
    • 2017-02-T1 (for username training1)
  • You will need to do the same for any supporting records you create. So, similarly:
    • Bates, Arminda-T1 (for username training1)
    • Oregon-T1 (for username training 1)

Come prepared to share your work!


Using a collection from your institution (or from your favorite imaginary institution!), create a multi-level resource record in the College of the Pines instance ArchivesSpace. Then, link the resource record to a digital object record (use this example), a location, and an event.

  • Send an email to your instructors when you are done
  • They will give you written feedback

Last, please fill out this short evaluation so we can continue to refine and improve this workshop.