ArchivesSpace Workshop: Preferences, Default Values, & Managing Your AS Instance

Setting up ArchivesSpace can be a complex operation. With many options for preferences, default values, user management, and groups–and the need to account for both Alliance and institutional practices–the enterprise can easily become tangled.

This workshop is primarily intended for those who will serve as the systems administrators for their AS instance, but is open to any A&M participating institution that has implemented ArchivesSpace.

Recording of Preferences, Default Value, and Managing Our Instance, December 2018 (Video)


  • Rachel Thomas
  • Zachariah Selley


Before attending the workshop, please do the following:


Using the Managing Users worksheet, do the following:

  • List your typical users and how they will use AS;
  • Sort them into groups
  • Determine the group settings

Email your worksheet to your instructors, who will give you written feedback.

Last, please fill out this short evaluation so we can continue to refine and improve this workshop