ArchivesSpace Workshop: Accessions, Agents, and Subjects

Accessions, agents, and subjects are some of the building blocks of any type of ArchivesSpace implementation. We’ll focus on creating records that are compliant with DACS and related standards, and on linking these elements. We’ll also explore the mysteries of containers and locations.

Recording of Accessions, Agents & Subjects Training, October 2018 (Video)


  • Steven Duckworth
  • Rachel Thomas


Before attending the workshop, please do the following:

Preparatory Assignment

Please complete the following preparatory assignment in the Pine State University ArchivesSpace instance, using the Arminda Bates Papers example:

  • Make an accession record
  • Make an agent record
  • Make a subject record
  • Make a container
  • Make a location
  • Link all from the accession record

You will receive login information for the Pine State University AS instance when you register for the workshop. Please use the following guidelines for use:

  • Please use the PSU instance only for your workshop assignments. Experimentation introduces elements that may confuse you or your fellow attendees.
  • You will see two repositories in the PSU instance:
    • CP Archives (College of the Pines Archives)
    • PSU Archives (Pine State University Archives
    • Please work only in the PSU Archives instance. You do not have the necessary access to the CP instance to complete your assignments.
  • When you create the accession record, you will need to ensure that the identifier is unique. Add your AS username to the identifier, like this:
    • 2017-02-T1 (for username training1)
  • You will need to do the same for the agents and subjects you create. So, similarly:
    • Bates, Arminda-T1 (for username training1)
    • Oregon-T1 (for username training 1)

Come prepared to share your work!


Using the information provided in the donation letter and Deed of Gift, create an accession record in the Pine State University ArchivesSpace instance. Create and link at least one agent record and one subject record.

When you are done, email your instructors (all email addresses are above). They will review your work in the Pine State University instance and give you individual feedback. Please note that the preparatory and homework for the Resource Records and Linking workshop builds on this preparatory and homework. You’ll find yourself scrambling if you get behind!

Last, please fill out this short evaluation so we can continue to refine and improve this workshop.