Analytics FAQs

The pages linked below by the Central Analytics Standing Group (CASG) address frequently asked questions related to Alma/Primo Analytics.

  1. How can I add totals, subtotals, and counts for monthly stats to Analytics reports?
  2. I am trying to run an analytics report for my e-journal packages and the number of portfolios in them. However, when I run the report, it is only displaying some of the journal titles. Why aren’t all my portfolios showing up in Analytics?
  3. I’m looking for a specific note “Committed to retain” in the holdings records (852 $z in this case).  Is it possible to pull a list with all of the holdings that have this special note using SQL?
  4. How can I see the total number of rows at the top of the report in Analytics? If I create a large report, I have to export it into Excel to see how many rows are in my report.
  5. How can I get data on Primo VE facet usage?
  6. How do I get Network Zone data from Analytics?
    • In most cases you’ll need to request network zone data from the Alliance’s Central Staff. There is, however, one small bit of network zone data available to institutions in the e-resources subject area. You may need to make configuration changes in your Alma environment to pull data from the network zone for this use case. See this video for instructions: Analytics Display Network Zone Information (December 2020; Video, 13:16). 
  7. How do I sort by two different fields?
  8. How do I sort LC Call Numbers correctly?
    • Sorting by LC Call Number (July 2016; PDF): Demonstrates how to use the normalized call number field to sort LC Call numbers correctly. 
  9. How can I make a copy of a report to send to a colleague or have a backup outside of Analytics?
  10. How do I use the results of one report to filter the results of another report? 
  11. How do I access CASG Shared Reports?
    • Access CASG-created shared reports in the Alma Analytics catalog under Shared Folders/Community/Reports/Consortia/Orbis Cascade Alliance/Analytics Group.