Analytics FAQs: Display Total Rows

How can I see the total number of rows at the top of the report in Analytics? If I create a large report, I have to export it into Excel to see how many rows are in my report.

There are two main steps to accomplish this.  The first step is to add an aggregate function to count the total number of rows.  The second is to configure how to display the total number that can be seen in a prominent position  in the report.

Step one: adding an aggregate function MAX(RCOUNT(1))

1. From the Criteria tab, add an extra column to your report (Column#1 in this case).

Analysis edit screen with first column highlighted

2. Right click gear and go to the “Edit formula,” replace the existing content with MAX (RCOUNT(1)), and edit the column heading to your preferred label. Click OK.

Edited column formula

3. Then, go to the Column properties >> Column Format >>, and check the box to “Hide” the column to make it invisible in the results. Click OK.

Column format with Hide box checked

Step two: displaying the total number of rows using Narrative

1. From the Results tab, go to the View menu >> New View >> Other Views >> Narrative

Results tab with the Views menu highlighted
New Views menu with Other Views > Narrative selected

2. Add Total Number of Rows: @1 (Note: “1” here is the column position identified as the first column in the example analysis).  Then enter 1 in the “Rows to display” to ask for the display of the total number only once.  A preview of the total count is generated automatically after that. Click Done.

Narrative entry with Total Number of Rows: @1 and Rows to display 1

3. Click and drag the Narrative from the bottom (default) to the top or the other prominent location in the report.  You could make the desired formatting changes to the Narrative note as needed.

Results tab with Total Number of Rows: 5,538 at the top


Ex Libris documentation: Displaying the total number of rows at the top of an Analytics report