Central Analytics Standing Group (CASG)

The Central Analytics Standing Group (CASG) works under the guidance of the Systems Team. It is composed of staff from member institutions familiar with the different functional areas of Alma and with the Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) interface a.k.a. Alma and Primo Analytics and supporting technologies (e.g., SQL). The team has a chair appointed from the Systems Team and 3-4 at-large members, and works closely with the Systems Program Manager (or other appropriate central staff member). Outcomes for this standing group include:

  • Identify Analytics needs by establishing a submission workflow. Submit requests through the Central Analytics Request Form.
  • Create (or identify, customize) shared reports (and other Analytics objects) that can be copied and customized by member institutions, teams, groups, and central staff.
  • Create and maintain guides for best practices; create documentation and training for use of Analytics and develop member capacity. See Analytics
  • Provide documentation and training on the shared reports.
  • Maintain shared reports and documentation as Ex Libris’ implementation of OBI develops.
  • Improve the systems (Alma, Analytics, and Primo) by submitting proposals to NERS and the Idea Exchange, and by identifying areas for Alliance standardization.


Dusty Gorman

University of Puget Sound

Caroline Reul

Reed College

Nicholas Schockmel

University of Washington

Jian Wang

Portland State University


Photo of Bryan Vogh

Bryan Vogh

Program Manager, Systems

Orbis Cascade Alliance

Work Phone: (541) 581-0813

Pronouns: he/him/his