Analytics FAQs: Electronic Portfolio Activation Date vs. Creation Date

“I am trying to run an analytics report for my e-journal packages and the number of portfolios in them. However, when I run the report, it is only displaying some of the journal titles.  Why aren’t all my portfolios showing up in Analytics?”

We recommend using “Portfolio Activation Date” instead of “Portfolio Creation Date” to ensure that all your portfolios get counted when running a report such as this one.

To create such a report using the E-Inventory subject area and add the following in the “Criteria” tab:

1. Electronic Collection. Electronic Collection Public Name

2. Portfolios.  No. of Portfolios (In Repository)

3. Portfolio Activation Date

Filter by “Bib Details. Bibliographic lifecycle” = In Repository


If you want to see a specific e-collection and all the journal titles within the collection, you could filter by “Electronic Collection. Electronic Collection Public Name = JSTOR Arts and Sciences V (as an example) and add Bib Details. “Title” in the “Criteria” tab.

The criteria tab looks like this:

Analytics Criteria tab showing the Portfolio Activation Date column.

An example of a e-collection with journal titles listed in the report.

Criteria tab showing the Bibliographic Details: Title column and a filter for Electronic Collection Public Name is equal to / is in JSTOR Arts and Sciences V.