Analytics Training

A practical guide to Analytics brought to you by the Central Analytics Standing Group, based on questions and feedback from Alliance members like you.

FY23 Training Series

Date and TimeTopicPresentersRecording and Materials
January 19, 2-3 pmAnalytics 101Michele DeSilva, James Watkins, and Caroline Reul
February 9, 11 am – 12 pmAnalytics for Resource Sharing & Fulfillment (RSF)TBD
March 16, 2-3 pmAlliance Case Studies: Diversity & Inclusion AnalysesTBD


Alma Analytics

Analytics lets you build reports on your institution’s Alma data (Institution Zone or IZ). You can request reports on Network Zone or NZ data. Read details about the difference in accessing IZ vs. NZ data.

  • Alma Analytics 101 (January 12, 2022)
  • Introduction to Analytics (November 2016; Video, 12:38)
    • Navigating Analytics
    • Menus, icons, and structure of Analytics
    • Demonstrates how to copy and paste a report
    • Addresses a few key issues you might encounter
    • Covers details about customization and displaying of reports
    • Rearranging columns in the compiled report
  • Analytics 101 (Summer Meeting 2019; PPTX)
    • General overview of Analytics. Including:
      • Accessing and structure of AnalyticsUtilizing out-of-the-box analytic reportsRetrieving and using community reports
      Creating a new analytic report:
      • Compiling a report
    • Selection of subject area
      • Adding criteria
      • Adding filters
      • Setting rows to add up to totals
      • Adding views
    • Creating a new dashboard, prompts, and adding reports
    • Adding Analytic widgets in the Alma interface
  • Navigating Analytics (May 2020; PPTX)
  • Subject Areas (October 2020; PDF) – Description of fields including their mappings in Alma and MARC source. Includes a how-to on combining Subject Areas.
  • Tips for Analytics Organization (eBUG 2016; PDF)
  • Sorting Two or More Fields (July 2016; PDF)
  • Display and Styling (January 2017; Video, 12:15)
    • Editing properties for analysis, tables, and columns
    • Including null values in a report
    • Hierarchy of columns
    • Enabling user interactions across multiple tables
    • Styling and setting sizes for tables and columns
    • Setting column and data formatting,
    • Customizing column headings
    • Conditional formatting for rows and columns
  • Modifying the Look of an Analysis (July 2016; PDF)
    • Changing column heading display
    • Adding totals to the end of columns
    • Coloring every other row.
  • Visualizing Analytics (May 2020; PDF) – Turn your reports into graphs and charts.


The Analytics FAQs page contains answers to frequently asked questions about Alma/Primo Analytics.


Annual Reports

Analytics in Action

Service Area Reports


Collection Services

Electronic Resources

Resource Sharing


Advanced SQL in Filters and Formulas

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