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For many ArchivesSpace implementers, the Capstone workshop is the final one: it's the chance to review the content from the other workshops, add a few more skills, and to address any points that may be fuzzy for you or your institution. 


  • Zachariah Selley
  • Conor Casey

Before attending the workshop, please do the following:
Preparatory Assignment
After revisiting your preparatory and homework assignments above, particularly the implementation plan that you prepared for the Implementation Choices workshop, and your experiences using AS so far. Then, write a reflection:
  • What might you change about your implementation plan?
  • What is as you expected it to be?
  • Most important: What are you confused about and need more instruction or support? We will customize the workshop accordingly, so please express your needs!
  • What do you want ArchivesSpace to do that it doesn't do, or that you haven’t been able to make it do?

Send the reflection to your instructors before the workshop. It form the basis for 20-30 minutes of discussion in the workshop.

Read the following documentation:
Working in the College of the Pines AS instance with a resource record you completed in the predecessor workshops, export as EAD. Using your institution's login for the Archives West utility site, and run your exported file through the AS2AW script. Then, run the resulting file through the AW compliance checker. 

If you are unfamiliar with any aspects of the AW utility site, please refer to the EAD documentation and training

Send a note to your instructors by about your experience. Your instructors will give you written feedback.

Due date for homework: [TBD]

Last, please fill out this short evaluation so we can continue to refine and improve this workshop.