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A practical guide: the Central Analytics Standing Group is working to bring together the best resources for the information you most seek as indicated in the 2019 survey.

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Introduction to Analytics
Covers menu structure, icons,  and structure of Analytics. This also demonstrates how to copy and paste an analysis, addresses a few key issues you might encounter, and covers some details about displaying the reporting and rearranging columns in the display.

Analytics 101
From the 2019 Summer Meeting

Creating a Dashboard

Dashboard Prompts

Annual Reports
Coming in December 2019

Service Area Reports

What books loaned the most last year

Collection Services
Tracking the Age of Collections

Resource Sharing Fulfillment (RSF)

Modifying Canned Reports


Pivot Tables in a Nutshell

SQL - Structured Query Language

Analytics 201 – SQL Statements in OBI
Derive hour, day, etc. from date; date arithmetic; tops, bottoms

Tips and Tricks with SQL Statements
Use of timestampadd and functions on CURRENT_DATE for loan information.

Loans Over the Last Three Days
- PDF, Bill Kelm, Willamette, (July 2016)
Show loans for the past three days using TIMESTAMPADD, making a graph & widget.

Using two subject areas



Primo Analytics by Anne Pepitone & Mary Galvin

Need Help?

Take advantage of the wide-spread expertise of the hundreds subscribed to the Alma mailing list. To subscribe to the Alma-L list, please visit the following link:  https://exlibrisusers.org/listinfo/alma

Feeling shy or need something more complicated? Use our Central Analytics Request Form to privately send in your request.

Have an idea for a shared report? Need a report run in the Network Zone? Need something added to Analytics such as a MARC field? Use the Central Analytics Request Form.