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A practical guide: the Central Analytics Standing Group is working to bring together the best resources for the information you most seek as indicated in the 2019 survey.

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Introduction to Analytics - Covers menu structure, icons, and structure of Analytics. This also demonstrates how to copy and paste an analysis, addresses a few key issues you might encounter, and covers some details about displaying the reporting and rearranging columns in the display.

Analytics 101 - Slides from the 2019 Summer Meeting.  What’s covered: General overview of Alma Analytics. Includes accessing, structure, using out-of-the-box analytic reports, and accessing community reports. General overview of creating an new analytic from selection of subject area, adding criteria, adding filters, setting rows to add up to totals, and adding views. Also includes how to create a dashboard and prompts. This presentation shows how to add Analytic widgets in the Alma interface.

Saving an Analytics Report When Using a Pre-existing Report - PDF, Doris Munson, EWU, (June 2016)

Display and Styling - 12 Minute Video

Case-insensitive filtering: Filtering text in Analytics is case sensitive. Here”s how to work around that.


Creating a Dashboard - Ex Libris Documentation for creating dashboards.

Dashboard Prompts - 12 Minute Video

Creating a Dashboard Prompt, Widget, & Emails from a Report - Slides from 2019 Summer Meeting session titled Analytics 201.

Loans by Call Number Range - PDF, Kevin Edwards, PCC, (July 2016)

Annual Reports

ACRL Canned Reports

IPEDS Canned Reports

Analytics in Action

Analytics in Action Videos - A series of videos about using Analytics to instruct and inspire you!  Index and descriptions of videos.

Service Area Reports

What books loaned the most last year

Collection Services

All items from one barcode: Find all items from a single barcode by using the step feature to retrieve the MMS ID.

Collections - Tracking Age

Counter and SUSHI

Expenditures Formulas

Create an Automated Report on Gift Funds - Drill down into various fund transaction types. Work through creating formulas. Remove extraneous text in a column. Create scheduled email reports.

Resource Sharing

Resource Sharing Fulfillment (RSF)

Cross Program

Modifying Canned Reports


Filter an Analysis Based on Another Analysis - 8 Minute Video McShane 2016

Pivot Tables in a Nutshell

Copy an Analytics report: For backup or for sending to a colleague.

SQL - Structured Query Language

Analytics 201 – SQL Statements in Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) - Derive hour, day, etc. from date; date arithmetic; tops, bottoms

Tips and Tricks with SQL - Focuses on time calculations.

Loans Over the Last Three Days - PDF, Bill Kelm, Willamette, (July 2016) Show loans for the past three days using TIMESTAMPADD, making a graph and widget.

Using Two Subject Areas - Slides from Doris Munson July 2016.

Need Help?

Take advantage of the wide-spread expertise of the hundreds subscribed to the Alma mailing list. To subscribe to the Alma-L list, please visit the following link:  https://exlibrisusers.org/listinfo/alma

Feeling shy or need something more complicated? Use our Central Analytics Request Form to privately send in your request.

Have an idea for a shared report? Need a report run in the Network Zone? Need something added to Analytics such as a MARC field? Use the Central Analytics Request Form.