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Here, the Systems Team will provide support for Alliance's needs as they pertain to Analytics.

Alma Analytics
Introduction to Analytics (Maria McShane)
Covers the basics, such as folder structure and canned reports.

Details on the different ways you can modify how the results of an analysis display.

This 9-part document shows how to create multiple analyses and place them into a central dashboard.

Oracle's official documentation for administrators of BIEE, the middleware that powers Alma Analytics.

Outlines the basics everyone needs to know to create their own pivot tables in Alma Analytics.

Primo Analytics

Benchmark Analytics
Coming soon!

Analytics in Systems Open Calls

ACRL statistics with Alma Analytics (Bill Kelm / November 8, 2017):  Recording (Start: 34:50 / End: 52:25) | Slides

Primo Analytics (Maria McShane / August 9, 2017): Recording (Start: 40:20  / End: 58:00)

Building Alma Analytics dashboards - Create, style, and publish the dashboard (Maria McShane / March 22, 2017): Recording (Start: 44:20 / End: 56:30) / Documentation

Building Alma Analytics dashboards - Create an analysis using formulae (Maria McShane / February 23, 2017): Recording  (Start: 48:40 / End: 58:30) / Documentation