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The Systems Program provides support for Alliance-wide systems, including Ex Libris Alma management, Primo discovery, and other services. In close collaboration with the Systems Team, the program provides broad oversight and leadership for technologies used by Alliance programs, teams, and members (including investigation of new solutions, support for their implementation, and the ongoing assessment of existing systems against emerging needs).

The Systems Program is advised by the Systems Team.

The ELUNA enhancement membership proposal, approved by the Alliance Board of Directors in January 2015, has guided the Systems Team's and Program's support for the Ex Libris product enhancement processes.

Systems presentations from the Alliance Summer Meeting, July 2016.

Systems Team presentations from the Alliance Summer Meeting, July 2015.

Anya Arnold, Al Cornish, Megan Drake, John Helmer, Kathleen Spring. Migrating to a Shared ILS using Alma and Primo: Lessons learned. Presentation at the Ex Libris Users of North America conference, May 8, 2015 [Presentation slides].

Presentations and code solutions from the Alliance Primo Hackfest, January 2015.

Alan Cornish, Richard Jost, and Xan Arch. "Selecting a shared, 21st century management system." Published in Collaborative Librarianship 5:1 (2013), 16-28.