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Systems Open Calls

Alma and Primo

  • Primo Documentation: Comprehensive documentation from the DUX Team.
  • Primo VE Resources: See FAQs, webinars, and other resources about the upcoming migration to Primo VE.
  • Primo Days: Slides and recordings from previous Primo Day events organized by the Alliance.
  • Primo Toolkit: Find shared customizations and how-to documentation by the Primo Customization Standing Group.


  • Analytics: Training and documentation collected by the Central Analytics Standing Group.


  • Implementing no-PDS login (February 2017): This file explains how to turn off Patron Directory Services (PDS) and handle user authentication in Primo instead.
  • Implementing no-PDS Authentication (July 2016): This presentation from Summer Meeting 2016 demonstrates the implementation steps for no-PDS Shibboleth/SAML authentication in Primo.
  • Social Login (December 2016 open call demo by Tamara Marnell)
  • Email Authentication (February 2018 open call demo by Kun Lin)



Application Programming Interface (API) and Search/Retrieve via URL (SRU)

Student Information Systems (SIS)

  • SIS Upload into Alma (June 2018, Ann Chiu) – Documentation from Warner Pacific University when implementing SIS import of patron records


  • Print Daemon (July 2021): These slides describe how to set up the Ex Libris Print Daemon to automatically or manually print slips sent to a queue in Alma. Also see the Slip Printing Demo Open Call (Video, 54:49)