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The Shared Content Team provides broad oversight and leadership in the sharing of library-selected content. As experts for the consortium, the team continually assesses, manages, and develops initiatives that broaden access by providing cost-effective sharing, licensing, and description of such content.

The team supports the Shared Content Program.

The Shared Content Team continues, unites, and extends the work of two previous Alliance committees: Collection Development and Management Committee and the Electronic Resources Committee.

Shared Content Team: 2015 -

SCT Goals, 2015-2016

E-Book Working Group: 2015-

Collection Development and Management Committee: 2005-2014 (history and reports)

E-Book Working Group: 2011-2014

Electronic Resources Committee: 2004-2008

Fiscal Year 2017 Goals (Detailed version) Approved by the Board, April 2016

Goal 1: Review and revise the Alliance's Last Copy and Threshold Guidelines

June 2017: Recommend approval of Last Copy and Threshold policies

Goal 2: Develop roadmap for Alliance-wide collection analysis

  • Continue working with and supporting the COE "Consortial Analytics" initiative to address data collection goals
  • Recommend additional methods of analyzing critically important collections data

May 2017: Recommend analytics data structure changes

Goal 3: Pilot and evaluate alternative acquisitions strategies for long-term sustainability of the Alliance shared e-book program

July 2016: Launch pilot

February 2017: Provide budget request for the Alliance e-book project, including any suggested changes

June 2017: Conclude pilot

Goal 4: Investigate and develop efficient processes for managing e-resources in Alma in consultation with Alliance staff in support of the COE's "Collection Development and Joint Acquisitions" initiative

September 2017: Deliver proposal

Goal 5: Improve sharing of individually acquired print and electronic resources

  • Advocate for loan rules that make sharing easier
  • Investigate viability of Occam's Reader for ILL of e-books

September 2016: Form joint working group

May 2017: Proposal delivered

2017 Activity: