Show Network Zone (NZ) and Institution Zone (IZ) MMS IDs

Created by

Jeremy McWilliams, Lewis & Clark College


This customization will show, if available, both the institution MMS ID, and the Network Zone MMS ID, with customizable labels. This capability was lost with the migration to Primo VE.

Full record in Primo VE with two MMS IDs at the bottom of the details section

System Components

Alma Discovery (VE), Customization Package

Skill Set Requirements

Javascript, Alma Discovery (edit Full Record Display Details)


Not tested

Browser Support

Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Mobile Support

Android, iPhone



  • Add code to custom.js file in customization package.
  • Update section of code to indicate labels, institution code, and last 4 digits of institution code.
  • Zip package and load to view in Alma Discovery.
  • Suppress or remove mmsid field in Alma Discovery Full Record Services details section.


  1. Turn on inheritance from the Central Package.
  2. Add code to custom.js file:
    1. Update your app variable so it includes showMmsid:

      var app = angular.module('viewCustom', ['angularLoad', 'showMmsid', 'anotherCustomization']);
    2. Paste the following code inside the anonymous function in custom.js (and after the app declaration above), and update the values. You can find your institution’s 4-digit suffix on the Alliance MMS ID suffixes spreadsheet.

      /* Insert show-mmsid component */
      app.component('prmServiceDetailsAfter', {
        template: '<show-mmsid></show-mmsid>'

       /* Define custom options for labels, institution-specific trailing 4-digits for IZ MMS ID, and institution code  */
      app.constant('showMmsidOptions', {
          "izLabel": "MMS ID (IZ)", /* Field value for IZ MMS ID */
          "nzLabel": "MMS ID (NZ)", /* Field value for NZ MMS ID */
          "izSuffix": "xxxx", /*institution-specific trailing 4 digits*/
          "instCode":"01ALLIANCE_XXX" /*  e.g. 01ALLIANCE_LCC*/

  3. Zip your customization package, load it to Alma Discovery, and save your view.
  4. If your view already displays MMSID, you may want to consider suppressing it, as it is unnecessary with this customization. To do so:
    1. In Alma, navigate to Discovery->Configure Views, and edit your view.
    2. In the Full Record Services tab, configure the “details” section.
    3. Find the code for mms, and either delete or deactivate it.