Systems Open Call Demonstrations

For complete recordings and agendas of open calls, see the Systems Open Calls page.

DateDemo VideoPresenterFiles
09/15/2022Invert Screen Colors (6:52)Tamara Marnell (Alliance)Bookmarklet (in agenda)
06/16/2022InstantILL (5:06)Bill Kelm (Willamette)InstantILL (Google Slides)
04/21/2022Analytics Demo: Usage for a specific title (4:47)Jian Wang (PSU)
03/17/2022WAVE: Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (4:41)Paul Ojennus (Whitworth)WAVE
02/17/2022Using Zint to Generate QR Codes (5:35)Tamara Marnell (Alliance)Zint Manual
02/17/2022CASG’s Shared ACRL & IPEDS Reports (6:18)Jian Wang (PSU)ACRL Canned Reports (PDF)
01/20/2022Using Batch Files to Zip Customization Packages (4:41)Blake Galbreath (WSU)Anonymized .bat example
11/18/2021Bookmarklet to View Label Codes in Primo VE (3:32)Doug Eriksen (Seattle University)Bookmarklet to View Label Codes in Primo VE
11/18/2021 Analytics: Google Data Studio (9:12)Michele DeSilva (COCC)Quick Start Guide
Embed a Report
11/18/2021 Using the Development Environment for Primo VE (5:27)LaVonna Sydow (Reed)Slides
10/21/2021Add Institution ID to Google Scholar Links (1:09)Camila Gabaldon (WOU)How We Fixed Google Scholar (UNC blog post)
Building a Google Scholar search form with links to full text (UNC blog post)
10/21/2021Adjust Firefox Settings to Speed Up EZproxy (2:00)Hilary Robbeloth (UPS)
09/23/2021Analytics: Totals, Subtotals, and Counts (5:37)Jain Wang (PDX)Analytics FAQs: Totals, Subtotals, and Counts
09/23/2021Add Closed Captions to Zoom Recordings on Google Drive/YouTube (6:42)Tamara Marnell (Alliance)Slides
08/20/2021Primo Views Backup with Snagit (7 Min.)Margaret Alexander (UO)
12/09/2020Getit/Viewit bookmarklet (8 Min.)Blake Galbreath (WSU)
12/09/2020Using and Developing Alma Cloud Apps (17 Min.)Tamara Marnell (COCC) Slides
11/18/2020Alma Analytics: Substring Function MARC 008/28 (10 Min.)Jian Wang (PDX)
11/18/2020Primo Explore Development environment on Windows (9 Min.)Ed Hill (PDX)
10/14/2020Getting Started with Docker (24 Min.)Jeremiah Kellogg (EOU)
10/14/2020Customization Packages in Primo – What they are and how to use them (14 Min.)Stewart Baker (WOU)
09/09/2020What is Angular JS? (20 Min.)Tamara Marnell (COCC)
07/08/2020New Alma Layout (10 Min.)Bryan Vogh (Alliance)
06/10/2020An Analytics Weeding Project (12 Min.)LaVonna Sydow (Reed)Instructions
05/13/2020EBook Carousel (14 Min.)Hilary Robbeloth (University of Puget Sound)Example
05/13/2020Analytics Report to Estimate Shipping Costs (6 Min.)LaVonna Sydow (Reed)
04/08/2020Analytics Report to Anticipate High Demand Reserves to Scan (4 Min.)LaVonna Sydow (Reed)Instructions
04/08/2020Search Bar Alert with Link (5 Min.)Blake Galbreath (WSU)
02/12/2020How to copy Analytics Reports (3 Min.)Lavonna Sydow (Reed)
02/12/2020SRU WorldCat Holding Cleanup Report (15 Min.)Lesley Lowery (Alliance)
02/12/2020COUNTER5 Demo (13 Min.)Bill Kelm (Willamette)
01/08/2020ACRL Reports in Analytics (8 Min.)LaVonna Sydow (Reed)Report
12/11/2019Summit Stats (15 Min.)Jeremy McWilliams (Lewis & Clark)Summit Stats
12/11/2019SRU (11 Min.)LaVonna Sydow (Reed)
11/13/2019Script to Populate Enumeration A Fields (10 Min.)Blake Galbreath (WSU)Slides
11/13/2019OER Resources (20 Min.)Heather White and Holly Wheeler (MHCC)Template
10/09/2019Chrome bug fix for the Get It Window (15 Min.)Hui Zhang (OSU)Slides
10/09/2019Building a Bento Box: COCC’s Federated Search (15 Min.)Tamara Marnell (COCC)Slides
10/09/2019Analytics in Action – Most Checked-Out Titles (6 Min.)Kevin Edwards (PCC)
09/11/2019Assessing and Adopting Open Source Technologies for Your LibraryStewart Baker (WOU)Slides
09/11/2019Normalization Rule Changes ImplementationBill Kelm (Willamette)Sample Field Order
09/11/2019Analytics Demo: Parameter CasesLaVonna Sydow (Reed)
06/12/2019Managing Primo Bug ReportsCarin YavorcikSlides
06/12/2019Checking Portfolio URLsBill Kelm (Willamette)Slides
06/12/2019Mobile Interface TestingRadka Ballada (CC)Slides
04/10/2019Using Analytics for Resolver ImprovementBill Kelm (Willamette)
03/13/2019Another Look at Primo StudioJeremiah Kellogg (EOU)Documentation
03/13/2019Newspaper Search Walk-ThroughPaul Ojennus (Whitworth)Slides Sample CSS
02/13/2019Analytics Issues: Consortia vs Institution / Resolver by SourceBill Kelm (Willamette)Slides
01/09/2019Alma Premium Sandbox Webinar SummaryPaul Ojennus (Whitworth)Slides
01/09/2019Primo Analytics User Groups IssueBill Kelm (Willamette)
12/12/2018PCSG: My Favorites Sign-inJeremiah Kellogg (EOU)
12/12/2018Systems Documentation Cleanup & ReorgTamara Marnell (COCC)
11/14/2018No-PDS Login with Screen ReadersRadka Ballada (CC)Document with related links
11/14/2018PCSG: Add Custom Action FixTamara Marnell (COCC)
11/14/2018Analytics: Finding Problem BibsBill Kelm (Willamette)Slides
11/14/2018Summary ExL Identity Services WebinarPaul Ojennus (Whitworth)Slides
Blake’s Notes
10/10/2018PCSG: Show/Hide Advanced Search and Open Access/Peer Review Modal WindowsTamara Marnell (COCC)Show/Hide Advanced Search Documentation
Open Access/Peer Review Modal Windows Documentation
09/12/2018Styling the Primo August 2018 ReleasePaul Ojennus (Whitworth)Slides
Sample CSS File
08/08/2018Analytics: Question Form and RSF Shared ReportsBill Kelm (Willamette)Resource Sharing & Fulfillment Analytics Group Final Report
Summit & Fulfillment Day Presentation
08/08/2018PCSG: New Resource Type IconsDan Moore
08/08/2018Confluence PreviewTamara Marnell (COCC)
05/09/2018Primo StudioPaul Ojennus (Whitworth)Primo Studio Demo Site
03/14/2018Analytics: Reading/Exhibit ListBill Kelm (Willamette)Slides
02/14/2018Primo Email AuthenticationKun Lin
01/19/2018ConfluenceCurtis Wyant (Alliance)
01/19/2018Resource RecommenderDan Moore
11/08/2017Analytics: ACRL ReportsBill Kelm (Willamette)Slides
10/12/2017Alma New UITamara MarnellMenu Changes in Alma’s New UI (PDF)
09/13/2017Primo Back Office: New UI ConfigurationsDan Moore
09/13/2017Primo Search WidgetsPaul Ojennus
08/09/2017Analytics: Primo New UI AnalyticsMaria McShanePresentation (PDF)
07/12/2017COUNTER/SushiBill Kelm (Willamette)Slides
05/17/2017Intro to APIsTamara MarnellSlides
04/20/2017Maintaining Ebsco 3rd Node Adapter Settings in PrimoNathan MealeyDocumentation
04/20/2017Amazon linking in PrimoStewart BakerDocumentation
04/20/2017Analytics: Dashboard PromptsMaria McShane
03/22/2017Analytics: Creating a DashboardMaria McShanePresentation (DOC)
02/23/2017Customizing the New UIPaul Ojennus
02/23/2017Analytics: Creating FormulasMaria McShane
01/18/2017Analytics: Analysis Table, and Column PropertiesStewart BakerDocumentation
12/14/2016Social LoginTamara MarnellSlides
12/14/2016Analytics: Building Analyses Off of Other AnalysesMaria McShane
11/09/2016Analytics: IntroductionMaria McShanePresentation (PDF)
10/12/2016Intro to Customizing the New UIKun LinPrimo Explore Github
New Primo UI Cookbook
09/14/2016Export a List of Primo Search Results via the PNX API and Convert JSON to CSVBlake GalbreathDocumentation