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The Discovery and User Experience Team provides broad oversight and leadership for the development and use of discovery systems and services. As experts for the consortium, the team determines policies and procedures and continually assesses discovery systems and interfaces to achieve improved services.


Advocates for the user experience in development of software, tools and other resources in discovery platforms through:

  • Development of best practices for user testing, including usability and accessibility testing
  • Coordinating with individuals engaged directly in user testing
  • Coordinating with Systems Team and Alliance staff and vendors regarding development of discovery platforms

Supports Reference & Instruction community through:

  • Supporting meetings of community members
  • Facilitating need identification and information sharing
  • Improving upon and providing training and documentation for Primo Analytics and other related discovery and user experience topics

Ensures that our patrons are able to discover all items locally as well as consortially in a stable and streamlined fashion through:

  • Supporting Alma interoperability with discovery.
  • Coordinating quarterly Primo release testing.
  • Coordinating with other Alliance staff and Teams.

This is a new Alliance team as of July 1, 2017. Previously discovery work occurred as part of the Discovery & Delivery Team in partnership with the Systems Team.