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Policy Justification: 

In the Network Zone (NZ), Alliance libraries should suppress bibliographic records at the holdings level only, not at the bibliographic level.

  • Suppressing at the bibliographic level may adversely affect collection analysis and statistics, but suppressing at the holdings level does not.
  • When we know more about how suppression at the bibliographic level plays out in Analytics, we may revisit this.

If a library’s last copy is withdrawn, the bib record should be unlinked from the NZ using the “Copy to catalog” function in Alma. Then the record may be suppressed in the IZ at the bib level or deleted.

If items are withdrawn using the Withdraw Items job, one is given a choice of what to do with the empty holdings and bib records. One should not choose “Keep Holdings and Bibliographic Records.” If one picks an option that deletes both the bib and the holdings record, there is no problem. But if one needs to suppress the bib, the job does not unlink the bib from the NZ, and hence there is a violation of the policy statement above. Some enhancement requests have been submitted that should alleviate this problem.

Host bibliographic records for bound-withs in a library’s IZ should be suppressed.

  • Suppression helps to reduce confusing displays in Primo

Software: Alma 

Current phase: Phase 5: Approved Written by: Collaborative Technical Services Team

Approved by: Collaborative Technical Services Team on 12/12/2014
Last updated: 12/12/2014
Staff Contact: Cassie Schmitt Nature of last update: minor update

Document History: Originally approved by Collaborative Technical Services Team on 11/12/2013. Revised in December 2014.