Collapse the “Get it at other institutions” List by Default


University of Illinois at Chicago
Documented for the Primo VE Toolkit by LaVonna Sydow (Reed)


This code makes it so the list of holding Summit institutions in the full record display is hidden by default. Users can still click on the caret to see the full list.

Get it at other institutions with list hidden by default.

System Components

Alma Discovery configuration, custom.js

Skillset Requirements

Comfortable copying and editing JavaScript


Not tested

Browser Support

Tested on Chrome 96, Edge 95/96, Firefox 94, Safari 14

Mobile Support

Tested on Android, Safari on iOS 14.8


In your custom.js, you should have the following line to define the app variable. There may be other modules listed in the brackets.

var app = angular.module('viewCustom', ['angularLoad']);

Paste in the following code:

app.component("prmAlmaOtherMembersAfter", {
bindings: {
parentCtrl: "<",
controller: function() {
this.$onInit = function () {
this.parentCtrl.isCollapsed = true;

Note: If you don’t see the “Get it at other institutions” section in full records, check the box Display locations from member institutions at the bottom the General Tab of your view. See Display Functionality in the Ex Libris Knowldge Center.

Display locations from member institutions checkbox