Primo VE Normalization Rule Change Request

Normalization Rule Change Request

Use this form to send Primo VE normalization rule change requests to the Alliance’s Normalization Rules Standing Group (NRSG) for consideration. For more information about the NRSG and its process for NRs, please visit the NRSG page. To view existing Primo VE norm rule change requests, consult the NRSG’s Primo VE Requests Trello board.

  • Please be specific, and include any MARC fields and subfields that are involved. Give as much detail as you can.
  • If you know specific records that may be impacted by the proposed change, please include those ID numbers here. If possible, include records from multiple institutions.
  • If you’ve opened a case, please provide the case number here.
  • Please select your institution.
  • Please enter a valid contact email so that the NRSG can contact you with any questions.