Policy: Retaining and Deleting MARC Fields in OCLC Records


MARC fields in the OCLC record should be retained because: 1) Alliance policy is that we work at the network level, and part of that is minimizing maintenance on WorldCat records; and 2) due to daily updates, the OCLC WorldCat record, when edited, will replace the corresponding Alma record automatically.


Catalogers must retain all MARC fields in OCLC records when exporting from Connexion with the exception of the 029 field, which must be deleted. The 029 field is an important exception. OCLC records can contain many dozens of 029 fields. If there are too many 029 fields, Alma is unable to create the standard 035 field containing the OCLC number, so no future updates will overlay that bibliographic record.

To automatically delete 029 fields upon export:

  • In Connexion, go to Tools > Options
  • On the Export tab, click the ‘Field Export Options’ button
  • In the ‘Fields to Delete — Bibliographic Records’ box, enter ‘029’
  • Click ‘OK’, then ‘Apply’ and ‘Close’

The 029 field must also be deleted from any OCLC records that are batch loaded.

Libraries that have not yet migrated to Alma may continue current practices regarding retention or deletion of fields except for the 029 field, which must be deleted.


Software: Alma

Current phase: Phase 5: Approved

Written by: Collaborative Technical Services Team

Approved by: Collaborative Technical Services Team on 11/12/2013; Reaffirmed with no changes by Technical Services Working Group on 10/27/2016

Last updated: 10/27/2016

Nature of last update: re-approval

Document History: Last updated on 11/1/2013 for review/approval.