Preferred Book Vendor: GOBI

About GOBI (formerly YBP)

In August 2007, the Orbis Cascade Alliance entered a preferred vendor partnership with Yankee Book Peddler (YBP). This decision, made on the heels of a rigorous RFP process, provides benefits to the individual libraries doing business with YBP (then GOBI), and it aids the Alliance’s collaborative collection development goals.

Effective July 2021, to build on this partnership, GOBI has offered revised terms for participating Alliance members:

Transportation Surcharge Clarification

In case any Alliance member encounters a “Transportation” or “Fuel” surcharge on an invoice for print books, please note that the Alliance is exempt from such charges and that a credit will be issued. If you have a surcharge added to an invoice, please contact your GOBI account representative to have the amount credited.

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