Summit Damaged Items

Items damaged while checked out to a patron

All Damaged items will be returned to the Owning Site.

The owning library will assess if the item can be repaired. If it can be repaired the owning library arranges for the items repair.

Irreparable damage

The Owning library should discuss replacement with the Borrowing library.

If the Owning library cannot accept replacement, the item should be included in Annual Account Reconciliation (AAR). The Borrowing library is responsible for billing the patron as appropriate.

Damaged items need some special treatment to ensure the right bookkeeping and processing. For example, if the item is checked in (final institution checkin) when returned from the Borrowing Site, the link to the patron will be broken, which will interfere with Annual Account Reconciliation and billing procedures.

To prevent accidental checkin of Damaged items, insert a bright-colored flag. Please use the the damaged item form provided, and copy on a bright color such as orange or pink, but not green (green flags are reserved for another use).

Items received damaged from the Owning Site

The Owning library should add a note to the bookband or label indicating the damage before checking out.

The Borrowing library should take pictures of the item and send them to the Owning library and to the RSPM so that they can start the claim process with the courier. Ask the Owning library if they should make the item in library use only for the patron or let the patron check out the item for normal use.