User Testing Toolkit


An increasing number of Alliance libraries have either begun performing user testing or have an interest in doing so. Due to the increasing interest in user testing resources, the DUX Team created a User Testing Toolkit Project Group to create these webpages. After the project group completed its charge they disbanded. The DUX Team maintains the toolkit.

Toolkit Sections

User Testing FAQ/Resources

This page provides general resources for user testing.

Sample User Testing Documentation

These pages gather sample user testing documentation used by institutions in the Orbis Cascade Alliance and generic templates found in other user testing resources.

User Testing Overview for Librarians and Archivists: A Guide to Performing User Tests in Your Library

This guide is for librarians and archivists who want to understand what goes into user testing coordination and implementation.

User Experience Testing Presentations

Some great presentations that you may find helpful

WSU Vancouver’s Usability and Accessibility Workshop Toolkit

This document collects files and links from WSU Vancouver’s Usability and Accessibility Workshop.

UTTPG Members

Members of the User Testing Toolkit Project Group (UTTPG) who created the initial toolkit are:

  • Holli Kubly, Chair University of Oregon
  • Hilary Robbeloth, University of Puget Sound
  • Kate Thornhill, University of Oregon (previously Oregon Health and Science University)
  • Kathleen Veldhuisen, Chemeketa Community College
  • Kathy Watts, Whitworth University
  • Rebecca Marrall, Western Washington University