User Testing FAQ/Resources

This page provides general resources for user testing.

What is User Experience (UX)?

What are some good general websites about UX?

Are there any good videos about UX?

What is user testing?

How can I conduct a user test?

How do I create a testing objective?

How do I create testing goals?

How do I know which research method to use?

How do I make a task and scenario question?

How do I measure a task question outcome?

Where can I find templates for testing questions?

How many participants do I need for valid results?

How should I recruit?

How should I share and communicate results?

What are ethical considerations for user testing?

What are some recommended UX communities?

What are some recommended UX conferences or trainings?

What are some recommended UX journals?

What are some UX tools?

What types of user tests exist?

Who are the testing participants?

Who facilitates user testing?

What are some good books about UX?

What are some online courses on user testing and user experience?