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This page will bring together Analytics Training materials developed by member library staff. Materials will be added to the page as they are available.

Introductory Materials

Working with Subjects
Working with Reports & Analysis
  • Modifying the Look of an Analysis - PDF, Karen Spence, PCC (July 2016) 
    • Learning outcomes
      • Changing column heading display
      • Adding totals to the end of columns
      • Coloring every other row
SQL Statements
  • Tips and Tricks with SQL Statements - Google Doc 
    • Example SQL statements used in Circulation and Acquisition
    • Please feel free to directly add examples of useful SQL statements!

Functional Area Examples

Loans Over the Last Three Days - PDF, Bill Kelm, Willamette, (July 2016) 
  • Learning outcomes: 
    • Understand how to use an SQL date function
    • Understand how to create a graph in Analytics
    • Understand how to add Analytics graph as a dashboard widget in Alma
  • Example scenario: In order to show a need for more student employees, your Access Services manager wants you to display a graphical representation of how many materials they loaned over each of the last three days. She wants this to display on the main Alma screen and to always be updated with the latest information.
Loans by Call Number Range - PDF, Kevin Edwards, PCC, (July 2016) 
  • Learning outcomes:
    • Understand how to develop dashboard solutions to provide a broader range of data for multiple audiences
    • Understand how to use and create dashboard prompts
    • Understand how to export results and to avoid common issues (e.g. usage by owning library v. where items were circulated (check out desk))
  • Example scenario: Your Subject Librarian that is responsible for collection development in the English Department, wants usage statics on a specific call number range.
Filtering an Analytics based on Another Analysis - PDF coming soon, Karen Spence, PCC, (July 2016) 
  • Learning outcomes
    • Understand how to filter an analysis based on another analysis
    • Understand how to add the SUM(DISTINCT) function to column's formula
    • Understand how to create a rolling date (for months)
  • Example scenario: Create a report to aid claiming unreceived periodical issues for subscriptions with 4 copies on order
Monitoring Items in a Request Type - PDF, Karen Spence, PCC, (July 2016) 
  • Learning outcomes
    • Understand how to isolate a list to a certain request type
    • Understand how to exclude withdrawn/deleted records
    • Understand how to display an analysis in a widget in Alma
  • Example Scenario: Identify items given the request type Equipment to Withdraw so these items can be withdrawn

Create an Automated Report on Gift Funds - PDF, Ann Miller & Mary Galvin, UO, (July 2016) - NEW
  • Learning outcomes
    • Understand how to drill down into various fund transaction types
    • Understand how to duplicate, or create mathematical formulae in SQL to create new results
    • Understand the use of functions such as Replace to eliminate extraneous information
    • Understand how to create scheduled email reports
  • Example Scenario: Create a report on the balance of specific gift funds to be delivered monthly via email to the appropriate fund managers.

Last updated: August 29, 2016