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Membership application
Membership criteria
Review process*

Council Member Handbook

Council Member Handbook


Confidential Reporting
Conflict of Interest
Document Integrity and Retention
Political Issues, Taking a stand
"EC ... explored issues related to developing a policy concerning when and how the Alliance can issue a political opinion. EC determined that all such Alliance activity should continue to follow the processes specified in the Bylaws and that it would not be wise to develop a separate policy. When considering such activity, EC encourages members to consider whether topics are closely related to the business of the Alliance and thus likely to be appropriate for Council action. More tangential or purely political stands are unlikely to receive sufficient support for action." EC Action Items, 2010.06.16, #4

Financial and Legal

Financial and Legal Contacts*
Financial Framework
Travel Policy
Credit Cards and Reimbursement
Electronic Bill Pay
Signing Limits
Reserve Policy 
"The Operating Reserve target is calculated annually as part of the adoption of a budget. The Operating Reserve target formula is 20% of the sum of a) annual salaries and benefits, b) annual office space and equipment leases, and c) annual fees specified in the Shared ILS contract. This Operating Reserve policy is reviewed whenever the Board determines that review is prudent, but not less than every five years." Approved by Council in July 2014.
FY12 Audit Best Practices*

Shared ILS

III Maintenance contract agreement*
Center of Excellence (development agreement)*

Position Descriptions (updated Fall 2019)

Council Liaison: role and responsibilities
Council Consent Agenda
Before the Council meeting, the chair will send out those items that the Executive Committee thinks are routine and that do not need a vote or discussion. This Consent Agenda will be sent out in time for every Council member to read and think about the items. The Consent Agenda will be among the first items on the Council agenda. At the beginning of the Council meeting, the chair will ask whether or not any Council member wishes to have any item removed from the Consent Agenda for deliberation. If any member requests that an item be removed, it will be removed. That item will then be put into the agenda for the Council meeting. When there are no more items to be removed, the Chair will ask Council for adoption of the Consent Agenda. Adopted by Council: July 13, 2006
Council and Board Minutes Procedures
Voting Guidelines

Other resources

Board discussion with EBSCO and Ex Libris
ARL Financial Assumptions and Principles*
Accreditation Resources 

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