Policy: Syncing IZ & NZ Brief Levels for Bibliographic Records


Synchronization of IZ/NZ brief level rules will reduce troubleshooting, better prepare the Alliance for future shared/collaborative work efforts, and aligns with the Alliance’s Work Smart initiative (Do things once, do things the same, do things together).


Brief level rules may be set at both the IZ and NZ level. The Alliance requires that institutions synchronize their IZ brief level rules with the NZ brief level rules.

Caveat: Institutions can create a copy of the NZ brief level rule in their IZ but cannot yet apply it to their records because the Identifying Brief Level job fails. Milly Williams has opened SFC#315548.
Instructions for synchronizing the brief level rules will be provided once the functionality is working correctly in Alma.

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Software: Alma

Current phase: Phase 5: Approved

Written by: Technical Services Working Group

Approved by: Technical Services Working Group on 09/13/2016

Last updated: 09/13/2016

Nature of last update: new policy