Policy: Activation of Community Zone (CZ) Collection for Ebrary Academic Complete Subscription


It is Alliance policy that all libraries activate the Ebrary Academic Complete collection in Alma’s Community Zone (CZ). In order to achieve efficient maintenance of this consortial resource, libraries should activate the CZ collection, which will then receive updates as the collection is improved.


Some libraries have loaded Ebrary records to the IZ, and some have loaded them to the NZ. Libraries may also maintain OCLC holdings on this collection in WorldCat or the OCLC Knowledgebase, and this triggers the delivery of MARC records to the NZ. Duplicate records in the NZ cause Primo display problems for all Alliance members.

Because it is important, particularly for a shared collection such as this, that we share practices in our shared environment, CTST-Cataloging has determined that the CZ activation approach is the best choice. The other alternatives (loading records to the IZ, loading records to the NZ) considered would involve too much labor-intensive management at the institution level. Before requiring this level of commitment from all member libraries, the Alliance has decided to try CZ activation as our initial approach.

Reminder: Cleanup of existing NZ records for this collection

Libraries with inventory on IZ or NZ bibs for the Ebrary Academic Complete need to first activate the CZ collection, and then identify their IZ or NZ bibs and portfolios. Delete the portfolios and choose the option “delete bib”. During this cleanup process, libraries should delete their OCLC holdings on these records, if they have been set in WorldCat or in the OCLC Knowledgebase.


Software: Alma

Current phase: Phase 5: Approved

Written by: Collaborative Technical Services Team

Approved by: Collaborative Technical Services Team on 12/12/2014; Reviewed and reaffirmed with minor edits by Technical Services Working Group on 10/11/2016

Last updated: 10/11/2016

Nature of last update: minor update

Document History: With update on 10/11/2016 information regarding Salesforce case #00116796 was removed as the case has since closed. The “cleanup of existing NZ records for this collection” section was renamed from ‘action item” to “reminder.”