Non-Member Participants

Libraries that become active participants gain many of the same benefits Alliance members now realize by purchasing electronic resources as a group. We are also interested in working with consortia that are able to participate as a single entity (e.g., one contact person, one source for billing).

The Alliance charges administrative fees, but our intent is to keep such fees minimal. All fees are set on a cost-recovery basis. Individual academic, not for profit libraries located in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Hawaii are eligible to join the program. Libraries pay the following fees to participate:

  • One-time enrollment fee of $1,000
  • $25 administrative fee per invoice
  • 3% administrative fee is added to the group price negotiated with vendors

Participants in the ER Program will be able to:

  • Subscribe to an email list that provides information on new resources under consideration, product trials and opportunities to be included in quotes for new or renewing resources.
  • Realize the savings provided through a consortial purchase of a resource
  • Receive information about ER purchasing opportunities offered by other consortia when those deals are better than what the Alliance can negotiate.
  • Suggest resources for purchase that your institution might be considering on its own to see if there‚Äôs enough interest to move it forward into a consortial purchase.
  • Have licensing done by the Alliance when possible.

Staff at libraries participating in Electronic Resources Nonmember Program are invited to subscribe to two email listservs.

  • ER-Nonmember is the official lists with offers, trials, communication with Alliance staff.
  • ER-News is an optional list where vendor announcements are sent.

Please send your name, title, institution, and email address to In the subject line or body of the message, request to be added to the ER-Nonmember and/or ER-News listservs.

If this program is not right for your library, you might consider these other options: