Last Copy Checker

Use the tool below to retrieve the number of institutions with an available holding in a Network Zone bibliographic record. This tool uses the Ex Libris SRU integration and is based on two applications developed by Jeremy McWilliams at Lewis & Clark College:

First, select a type of identifier: OCLC Numbers, MMS IDs, or barcodes.

In the textbox, enter a list of identifiers separated by line breaks. For example…


Longer lists will have longer wait times for results. Try submitting batches of 100 or less.

If using OCLC numbers, make sure each number begins with the prefix “(OCoLC)”.

If using MMS IDs, use the Network Zone identifiers, not your local IZ identifiers.

If using barcodes, select your institution from the dropdown. Please note that barcode searches will take longer than other types of searches, because the script must first fetch an OCLC number for each barcode to check Network Zone holdings.

Click “Get NZ Holdings,” and a table of results will appear below the form. Rows for bibliographic records with only one holding institution will be highlighted in yellow. Click the gray “Export CSV” button to download a file of the results to open in Excel or another spreadsheet program.

Last Copy Checker Tool