Digital Collections Workshop: Metadata Readiness


Before attending the workshop, please do the following:


Choose an OAI feed for digital objects described in Dublin Core from your institution Digital Asset Management System or Institutional Repository. The feed should be either one that you think is compliant with the Dublin Core Best Practices, or one that you think is not. Use the Metadata Readiness Checklist and the relevant Metadata Evaluation Tool to review it.

Come prepared to discuss what you found, and be assured that the workshop is a shame-free zone.


  • Take what you learned in this workshop about your institution’s metadata
  • Meet with the appropriate person(s) at your institution to talk through what you found and how it relates to mapping.
  • Use the documentation on enabling OAI and mapping fields for CONTENTdm, Digital Commons, or Omeka, as appropriate, to determine what your institution will (and will not) need to modify. 
  • Send your instructors a short statement about how your institution will (or will not) need to modify mapping. Your assignment is due by March 1 to Anneliese Dehner  and Julia Simic.

Supported in part with a grant awarded by the Oregon Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) program of the Oregon State Library.