Dublin Core Best Practices


The purpose of the Orbis Cascade Alliance’s Dublin Core Best Practices Guidelines is to:

  • Ensure a basic level of uniformity in the structure, encoding, and content of Alliance digital object metadata in keeping with the Mountain West Digital Library Dublin Core metadata application profile and other relevant standards
  • Promote interoperability within Alliance institutions metadata records developed from diverse repositories
  • Facilitate access to digital content by end users


Dublin Core Best Practices, Version 2.3 (PDF)

In order for your digital objects and metadata to be harvested into an Alliance-wide aggregation of digital content, the Dublin Core metadata must meet these standards to ensure consistency and usability. However, please note: These are recommendations for preparing your digital object metadata for harvest and are not meant to dictate how you practice metadata creation at your own institution.


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Current phase: Phase 5 (Approved)

Written by: Dublin Core Best Practices Standing Group

Approved by: Dublin Core Best Practices Standing Group

Last updated: 2018 February 1

Nature of last update: Clarification and amplification of examples, particularly free-text statements

Document History: Version 2.3

Version 1.0 and 2.0 supported in part with a grant awarded by the Oregon Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) program of the Oregon State Library in 2016.