Training and Accessibility Networks

The resources listed here are intended to help library staff pursue digital accessibility training and join accessibility networks that address topics specific to libraries.

Training Resources

These resources are publicly available and can be used on demand.

Self-Paced Training

Testing Resources

  • Accessibility Auditing Resources
    Publicly available guide that provides an introductory checklist to assess software and web technologies. CC BY 4.0. Digital Library Federation (DLF)
  • Evaluating Web Accessibility Overview
    Publicly available resources for assessing web accessibility, including five videos that introduce evaluation resources. CC BY 4.0. W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) @w3c_wai #a11y #GAAD
  • Testing for Digital Accessibility (DUX Accessibility Toolkit)
    Resources that include descriptions and links to automated testing through third party browser extensions, browsers’ built-in accessibility tools and color testing, as well as tools for manual testing.
  • Testing Web Content for Accessibility
    WebAIM reference for testing methods and tools, including testing with WAVE, checking keyboard accessibility, and tutorials on using screen readers.
  • Understanding WCAG 2.2
    This resource provides a detailed technical description of WCAG 2.2 guidelines and  Success Criteria used to evaluate accessibility and interpret VPATs. W3C.
  • WAVE Update Blog
    WebAIM report on updates made to the WAVE accessibility testing tools.

LibGuide Accessibility Guides

Guides for LibGuide users to assist in producing accessible content.


One of the most effective methods to keep informed about challenges and progress in accessibility is by communicating among colleagues across institutions.

List Servs

  • AccessDL Discussion List
    Discuss with other stakeholders issues related to creating accessible distance learning courses, including policy, practice, training, and support. University of Washington.
  • Access Text Network
    Join this free network if you provide Disability Services for a post-secondary educational institution in the U.S. or Canada. This network assists in obtaining material for a student with a documented print disability.
  • ACRL Universal Accessibility Interest Group
    Discussion forum for academic library disability service issues such as web accessibility, assistive technology, reference and instruction for users with disabilities, captioning processes.
  • Adapt-L 
    Focuses on adaptive technology and libraries. To subscribe, send a message with a blank subject line to In the body of the message type “subscribe adapt-L Firstname Lastname.”
  • Axslib-l
    Focuses on issues surrounding access to libraries by people with disabilities. To subscribe, send a message with a blank subject line to In the body of the message type “subscribe axslib Firstname Lastname.”
  • CAST Newsletter
    Subscribe to the CAST Newsletter from the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials at CAST, published 6 times annually. This publication covers research and development, professional development, and publishing.
  • WAI Interest Group
    A very active forum for discussion of issues relating to web accessibility. It is hosted by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Consortium (W3C), the group responsible for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. For more information and to subscribe, consult the WAI Interest Group Home Page.
  • WebAIM blog and listserv
    • WebAim Blog
      Covers updates on the WAVE web evaluation tool and reports on testing screen readers and the results in testing  the top 1,000,000 publicly discoverable web home pages when using the WAVE evaluation tool.
    • WebAim listserv
      Includes Ask the Experts and archive of discussions.


  • Accessing Higher Ground
    An annual conference focusing on the implementation and benefits of accessible media and information resources in universities, businesses, and the public.
  • Designing for Digital
    An annual conference on designing for the future of libraries. It includes accessibility in the Tools & Methods track.
  • John Slatin AccessU
    Hosted by, an annual conference that facilitates a worldwide networking event for anyone engaged in digital accessibility. This conference blends asynchronous learning with live events to deliver keynote addresses, live in-person and remote sessions, hands-on accessibility workshops, and a few satellite events to be held across the country.
  • NWHeat Events (Northwest Higher Education Accessibility Technology Group)
    Webinars and publicly available recordings, transcripts, slides, and other resources on accessibility awareness, testing, and practices in developing accessible digital content. A joint project between Orbis Cascade Alliance and Northwest Academic Computing Consortium.