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Policy Justification: Inventory (holdings, items, and portfolios) appear in Alma when materials are either ordered or cataloged. Indicating inventory in the NZ will avoid unnecessary duplication; allow libraries to make acquisitions decisions based on the most current and accurate data; and support increased collaborative technical services and cooperative collection development between Alliance libraries.

After migration to Alma, all Alliance libraries must create Purchase Order Lines (POLs) in Alma at the point of ordering. Bibliographic records must be selected from existing Network Zone (NZ) records or Community Zone (CZ) records, or imported into the NZ from an outside source, or created in the NZ manually. Material must be received on the POL before being cataloged. With regard to gift material, which may or may not go through Acquisitions staff, libraries must make an effort to get donated material into the NZ as quickly as possible. This means either creating POLs for gifts, or cataloging the material as it is received by the library.

Software: Alma 

Current phase: Phase 5: Approved Written by: Collaborative Technical Services Team's Acquisitions Working Group
Approved by: Collaborative Technical Services Team on 1/21/2014; Reaffirmed with no changes by Technical Services Working Group on 10/25/2016; Minor update approved by Technical Services Working Group on 11/29/2016
Last updated: 11/29/2016
Staff Contact: Cassie Schmitt Nature of last update: minor update

Document History
  • Minor update approved on 11/29/2016 added Community Zone (CZ) records as an approved source for bibliographic records.
  • Revision drafted by CTST Acquisitions Working Group on December 6, 2013.