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Policy Justification: The cooperative approach of the PCC complements that of the Alliance. In the PCC, as in the Alliance, the greatest advantage accrues to each member of a cooperative when all members contribute. PCC standards and training support higher levels of cataloging quality and better user service. Several Alliance libraries already participate in one or more components of the PCC and have incorporated this activity into normal workflows. This activity should be continued and expanded where feasible for the benefit of all.

  • Members of the Alliance who are also members of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging must maintain at least their current level of contribution to the PCC. Members’ PCC contributions include creating and editing BIBCO and CONSER authenticated bibliographic records in WorldCat and participating in NACO and SACO

Current phase: Phase 5 Approved Written by: Bibliographic Mandates Review Group
Approved by: Collaborative Workforce Team on 03/08/2016; Technical Services Working Group on 02/16/2016 Last updated: 03/09/2016
Staff Contact: Cassie Schmitt Nature of last update: revised policy