Summit & Fulfillment Day Sessions

  • Advertising Summit as a Service
    • Dawn Mosher (EWU) – Tri-Cities Regional
    • Galin Brown (Willamette) – Eugene Regional
    • Jenny Bornstein (L&C) – Vancouver Regional
    • Lori Hilterbrand (Alliance)

The who, the what, the where, and the why to advertising summit services. Bring your questions along with your tips/tricks… let the brainstorming begin! – This is more of a brainstorming session, pooling all the resources we have as a collective and helping each other spread the word to our patrons about Summit services.

  • Developing a Graphic Medicine Collection
    • Roman Block (OHSU)

Prior to the pandemic, OHSU Library developed a graphic novel collection focused on health sciences topics. In the past year, our library won a grant to expand the collection and as a result, it has tripled in size. In this talk, I will briefly discuss what graphic medicine is, how we developed the collection, and the impact it has had on our patrons.

  • Getting Stacked: Training and Growing Student Employees
    • Joanna Hunt (CWU)

Students are a vital part of library service, logistics and outreach.  While many teams rely on student employees to ensure success, training and coaching students can be difficult.  This session will talk about successful (and not successful) training formats, organizing tasks across shifts, and building your students library skills as well as preparing them for life outside of campus.

  • The Library-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
    • Victoria Kerr (UIdaho)

Presentation on the downsizing, auditing, and reconfiguring projects we have been working through to give people ideas of parts of their collections and their libraries in general that might need sprucing up!

  • Library of Things
    • Sara Trott (OSU)
    • Stefanie Hood (OSU)

 Overview of how OSULP has reviewed, revitalized, revolutionized the Library of Things collection, including partnerships that developed from this collection. We will also discuss navigating hurdles and funding.

  • Lifecycle of a Shipment
    • Bota (UW)
    • Brian McManus (WSU)
    • Jenny Bornstein (L&C)
    • Lori Hilterbrand (Alliance)

How-To videos and demonstrations for courier shipping and processing

  • Practicing Radical Compassion: Showing Empathy Even When It’s Difficult
    • Erin Bos (CWU)
    • Joanna Hunt (CWU)

Interpersonal skills are key when working with people and especially when interacting with stress-inducing library patrons. Join us as we explore what it means to be radically compassionate and discuss how it can be implemented in day-to-day library operations.

  • Reimagining the Hannon Library Course Reserve Program
    • Jasmine Waters (SOU)

Overview of the activities and results of the Hannon Library Textbook Sustainability Grant Program, including the course reserves textbook purchasing program, OER classroom sets, and controlled digital lending pilot project..

  • Reviewing the HP of the University of Idaho’s Board Game Collection
    • Tyler Rodrigues (UIdaho)

Academic libraries are becoming much more than facilities for research and learning. They are rapidly widening to include more student experience centered work that seeks to develop and support students’ wholistic wellbeing. Board game collections and events are one way to engage students in community building and strengthening cognitive skills. This lightning talk will briefly lay out how the board game collection was started at the University of Idaho and has grown in the last few years. Focusing mostly on how the growth and changes to student engagement has affected the team and collection in the last year as well as some continuing opportunities for growth and collaboration.

  • Revitalizing Reading for Fun with an Academic Library’s Book Club.
    • Tyler Rodrigues (UIdaho)

College is a time for serious research and hard work, but it’s also a time for fun, discovery, and a chance for students to learn and grow into the people they want to be. Sometimes students can get bogged down in research theses, academic articles, and textbooks, and crave a break. In order to foster a sense of connection, aid in student retention, and give space for students to relax and recharge the Student Engagement Librarian at the University of Idaho founded the Hit the Book(s) Club. A genre fiction book club where the titles are suggested by a librarian and chosen by students for reading and discussion. This presentation will cover implementation of a book club in an academic library, success and challenges, ideas for further growth, and ways you might adapt this idea for your institution.

  • Shelf Report
    • Paul Gardner (OHSU)

The Shelf Report function is an inventory tool that goes beyond shelf reading to identify missing, misshelved, and more by comparing what is physically present on a shelf to the system’s inventory. These presentation will explain how to use the tool, where it works well and where it does not, and some interesting findings from when we ran it on our collection.

  • Summer Cleaning: Cleaning Up Your Terms of Use and Fulfillment Unit Rules with FSG
    • Kaitlin Cushman (Gonzaga)
    • Chrissy Hurch (UO)
    • Drew Jackson (PCC)
    • Victoria Kerr (UIdaho)
    • Ruby O’Connor (COCC)
    • Matthew Strupp (UIdaho)
    • Sara Trott (OSU)

Many of our libraries created Terms Of Use (TOUs) and fulfillment unit rules (FURs) at migration to Alma. While they tend to mostly do what we want them to, cleaning them up a bit will make it easier for circulation and systems staff to understand and edit the configuration if necessary. In this interactive workshop, the Fulfillment Standing Group will get you started on the process of cleaning up your own institution’s TOUs and FURs. Bring a laptop if you can, but we’ll try to have some computers for you to use as well!

  • Summit Visiting Patron: a How-To
    • Victoria Kerr (UIdaho)
    • Kate Smith (UO)

Covering how to configure the Summit visiting patron role and how to implement it at the front desk.

  • Transforming Interlibrary Loan Services Together
    • Pearl McCrea (UW)
    • Crystal Alberthal (UW)

In this presentation, we will combine our expertise to delve into the multifaceted process we navigated to transition from traditional resource sharing services to cloud-based solutions (OCLC Tipasa). Through a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives, we will address the following key points:

Review: Guide attendees through the importance of conducting a comprehensive review of existing resource sharing workflows, technologies, and policies. Share strategies for analyzing data and identifying areas for improvement.

Revitalize: Showcase practical approaches for implementing strategic changes to streamline resource sharing workflows and enhance user experience. Highlight the role of documentation, staff training, collaboration, and continuous improvement in services.

Revolutionize: Explore the benefits of transitioning to cloud-based resource sharing services, breaking down geographical barriers and expanding access to resources. 

Through this collaborative presentation, attendees will gain valuable insights, practical strategies, and actionable takeaways to transform their own resource sharing services. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, practical advice, or innovative solutions, come share in our journey in revolutionizing and modernizing interlibrary loan services.

Keywords: Interlibrary loan, Resource sharing, Scanning services (Document delivery), OCLC Tipasa, Collaboration, Cloud-based services, Modernization, Workflow optimization, Innovation.

  • “You Should Tell People About That!”: How an Internal Speaker Series Can Smash Silos and Build Community
    • Jennifer Wells (OSU)
    • Sara Trott (OSU)

Do you ever feel like you don’t really know what some people at your library do? Is there a long history of siloed departments? Staff-faculty divide? In this talk we’ll explain how inviting your colleagues to share their work through a speaker series can help with all of these problems, along with practical advice for how to run this kind of event at your institution.