Council Liaison Roles and Responsibilities

Approved by the Board on September 8, 2010

To support the work of Orbis Cascade Alliance committees, task forces and teams, the Board may appoint a member of Council to act as liaison to the group.

Council Liaisons are encouraged to attend face-to-face meetings of the group and to participate in conference calls and/or virtual meetings.

Council Liaisons have the option of active participation in the work agenda of the group, and service on group subcommittees if they so desire. The term of service is two years and can be renewed.

The role and responsibilities of the Council Liaison are to:

  1. Enhance communication between the Council, Board and group;
  2. Clarify Council and Board intent regarding the group charge;
  3. Help establish context for the group’s work;
  4. Operate in the best interests of the whole consortium (standard committee expectation) rather than representing or emphasizing the needs of a particular point of view, a single member or type of institution, etc.;
  5. Avoid
    1. Appearing to serve as de facto Chair of the group
    2. Giving the impression that the Council Liaison’s input carries any greater weight than that of other group members.

The role of the Council Liaison is intended to be flexible and responsive to the needs of each group. Council Liaisons are encouraged to consult with the Council Chair as needed.