Using the Ex Libris System Status Page

System Status Page

Ex Libris supports a System Status Page that presents information on its shared cloud instances.

These are the instances that support Alliance production services:

  • Alma NA01 (Alma)
  • Primo NA00 (Primo)
  • CDI CR01 (CDI)
  • bX CR01 (bX Recommender)

You can receive notifications whenever one or more of these instances experience problems or have scheduled maintenance.

  1. Click Log In in the top right of the page and sign in through your Ex Libris Support account (or self-register for one).
  2. You will be redirected to the tab of “My Services,” which will be empty by default. Click the “Americas” tab to see the services used by the Alliance.
  3. Find each of the services listed above and Subscribe by clicking the bell icon. You can select “View only” to store the services in the My Services tab, or “View & Notifications” to receive emails on status changes.
Screenshot of My Services tab after logging in and subscribing to the four Alliance services.
Screenshot of the My Services tab after logging in an subscribing to the four Alliance services.

Technical Support

See the Ex Libris Technical Support Contact instructions for procedures to report an unexpected system outage not reflected on the Status Page.