Primo Standardization Project Group

This group completed its work January 2018.



This project group comprised of individuals selected by the Systems and Discovery & User Experience Teams will represent the next step in the Alliance’s consideration of how to further standardize Alliance institutions’ Primo interfaces. Using the white paper as a starting point, the group will engage in the steps below, in this order:

  1. For those interested in opting into a standardized Primo, create a comprehensive recommendation for standardization ASAP.
  2. Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the advantages, disadvantages, models and case for standardization. Using the members who opt in as case studies, consider what case could be made for increased required standardization.
  3. Create a comprehensive proposal for standardization, including who will engage in the work to support it, timeline, level of standardization, etc.
  4. Create a method to assess this level of customization on an ongoing basis

The working group will share the preliminary implementation plan with the Alliance community and solicit feedback on it prior to presentation to the Board and Council.


  • Scot Harrison, St. Martin’s University (Chair)
  • Rami Attebury, University of Idaho
  • Stewart Baker, Western Oregon University
  • Kun Lin, Whitman College
  • Rebecca Marrall, Western Washington University
  • Lisa Molinelli, Portland Community College
  • Curtis Wyant, Orbis Cascade Alliance