Open-Source ILS Exploration Project Group

Final Report

Open-Source ILS Exploration Project Group Final Report (PDF)


In Academic Year 2023-24, the Open Source ILS Exploration Project Group will research and evaluate open-source Integrated Library Systems (ILS), Discovery layers, and Resource Sharing (RS) platforms in use by consortia comparable to the Orbis Cascade Alliance in size, member attributes, and organizational structure. At the end of the year, the group will produce a white paper that details the products’ features, as well as the technology and personnel required to implement and maintain the products at a consortial level.

Between October 2023 and June 2024, the group will:

  • Identify open-source products to research, based on known implementations at other consortia.
  • Interview contacts at these consortia who were involved in the selection and implementation of the products.
  • Conduct a gap analysis comparing the Alliance’s needs for functionality in an ILS, Discovery layer, and RS system to the features currently available in open-source products.
  • Document the technology and staffing required for each product to support a regional consortium.
  • Test each of the products in a development environment, when possible.
  • Compose a final report for distribution to all Alliance members.


  • Stewart Baker, Western Oregon University
  • Ron Chesko, Western Washington University
  • Michele DeSilva, Central Oregon Community College
  • Jeremiah Kellogg, Eastern Oregon University
  • Brian Leszcz, Washington State University
  • Alex Merrill, Washington State University


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Tamara Marnell

Program Manager, Systems

Orbis Cascade Alliance

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